2009 in the Sfantul Andrei Orphanage
In 2009, I moved to Iasi, Romania to work in Sfanta Maria Children's Hospital and the Sfantul Andrei Orphanage for special needs children. While there, I assessed the developmental needs of twenty toddlers with severe physical and mental handicaps, and worked with staff to implement a unique developmental plan for each child.

2011 in Kinango, Kenya with some of my students
Later that year, I traveled around the Mediterranean, working with children in other schools, orphanages and hospitals. I was especially impacted by my time in Rome, where I started training in the Montessori teaching method, as well as having the opportunity to experience the religious art and architecture.

In 2011, I went to Kenya to teach. Though I intended on travelling there to do some community development, my primary objective was to learn from the teachers of a small village called Kinango. Unfortunately, the day I arrived with my travelling companions, all of the teachers went on strike. The students and principal begged for our help as the secondary students had their exams coming up the following month. So, for several weeks, I was an impromptu Maths, English, Geography, and World History teacher to several hundred students in tiny dirty floor classrooms. Never in all my life have I met students that were more eager for knowledge or that asked more insightful questions. 

I've also been involved with service for my church since I was eighteen, volunteering as a teacher and nursery leader each week. Additionally, in 2015, my husband and I started teaching a free Entrepreneurship course to local business owners. I taught classes on building a brand identity, constructing a website, and utilising social media.